Maintenance of Way Equipment

Get unparalleled visibility with ZTR Railway Telematics Solutions

Maintenance of Way work equipment is talking. Are you listening?

Railroads and the tracks on which they operate are what keep this country moving. A well-maintained track is the result of amazing coordination between people and machines across the entire railway network.

If you’re not leveraging railway telematics technology in your maintenance of way operations, you could be overlooking a crucial opportunity. ZTR Railway Telematics Solutions make it easier to do more work, more quickly — with less equipment and lower costs. See how you can get unparalleled visibility into equipment utilization, maintenance requirements, and production efficiency.

From Railroads and MoW Contractors to Lessors and OEMs, a successful telematics program can help keep you connected to your equipment, increasing efficiencies and lowering costs.

Work with a trusted industry expert

From versatile and robust hardware options for all makes and models of equipment, to targeted and rich insights, ZTR can deliver the end-to-end solution you need. We’ve been exceeding railway industry expectations for more than 30 years with our innovative technology. 

Equipment and Device Integration

A telematics device from our broad portfolio of proven hardware can be paired with and installed on any make, model or equipment type.


Wireless Communications

ZTR has relationships with major carriers to leverage existing communication systems and ensure we stay ahead of the evolving communication landscape.


Gateways and Data Center

ZTR deploys the latest in edge and cloud computing technology to maximize data security, throughput, storage and accessibility.


Service Delivery and Network

The ZTR ONE i3 platform includes a variety of features including mapping, geofencing, fleet management, alerts and faults, maintenance planning and analytics.


Support, Processes and People

ZTR is more than a supplier. We’re a partner committed to advancing your digital strategy at every stage -- from collecting data, acquiring insights and realizing long-term benefits.


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