Why Choose ONE i3?

Complex Industrial IoT made simple with all the gaps filled. 

ONE i3® begins as a platform, becomes your customized solution, and connects you to the network of suppliers, partners, and customers.

ONE i3 PlatformThe Platform powers your ONE i3 Solution.

The ONE i3 Platform is the heart of your ONE i3 Solution. It’s designed to provide a scalable, secure, and flexible launching pad to quickly tailor a solution that fits perfectly with your business. All the essentials are ready for you, including wireless connectivity, device gateways, data warehouse, security, system connections, health and web applications.

Your Solution that pulls it all together.ONE i3 Solution

A ONE i3 Solution is a tailored deployment of the ONE i3 Platform and provides all the elements of the Industrial IoT together in one seamless system. You choose which Platform elements are best for your business and we work with you to make it happen. And best of all, your ONE i3 Solution will enable you for the ONE i3 Network, where you can connect to suppliers, partners, and customers.

The Network that unlocks savings and opportunities.ONE i3 Network

Unlocking new Industrial IoT efficiencies requires business systems to interact, connecting islands of information and allowing the exchange of equipment and business data. That’s where the ZTR ONE i3 Network delivers. It’s flexible, secure, and continues to expand. It connects suppliers, partners, and customers in an ecosystem of equipment data that reduces costs and increases opportunities. 


ONE i3 is integrated, intelligent, and interactive.

It’s integrated in your current business systems so you get information when and where it makes the most impact.

The business intelligence collected gives you the information to make proactive decisions that reduce downtime and better utilize equipment.

It’s interactive by connecting your suppliers, partners, and customers in a network of equipment data that takes your working relationships to the next level. It easily makes other telematics and business systems compatible with the ONE i3 Network.


  • ZTR is fully accountable for the end-to-end solution.
  • Choose how much of your Industrial IoT solution to outsource.
  • Predict your costs while avoiding many unexpected headaches, including component compatibility issues.
  • Streamline equipment-related business processes to reduce costs.
  • Sustain your Industrial IoT program in the midst of rapidly changing technology.
  • Build your own brand, both internally and externally.
  • Choose from a whole family of telematics hardware.
  • Access to standard reports and customizable business intelligence.
  • Leverage a platform used by thousands of users on hundreds of thousands of pieces of equipment – with no platform investment on your part.
  • Experience is the same on all devices with a responsive interface.
  • ZTR has in-country wireless certifications in over 35 countries, on 3 continents, and more are being adding every year.