Manage Access. Wherever your equipment is.

Safety. Security. At your fingertips. 

Want to better manage construction equipment access and safety? You can prevent unauthorized and unsafe operation, specify the times or days customers can use equipment, and control who’s using which machines on the jobsite. 

The challengeZTR K1 Keypad

  • Customer demand for improved access management and expanded functionality 
  • Add-on services to enable control and safety 
  • Coordinating rental contracts with actual usage times 
  • Lack of control over equipment usage and access
  • Oversight for operator safety and utilization

The solution


  • Ability to capture lost revenue for tracked usage
  • Insights and patterns into asset utilization trends
  • Monitor and track operator productivity and performance
  • Higher fleet safety levels 
  • Over-the-air serviceability and configuration
  • Ultra-low power sleep modes


  • Provided to operators to allow access to equipment
  • ZTR templates or custom branding options

The result

Using an easy-to-install and affordable keypad device combined with the ZTR M7 telematics solution that’s connected to ONE i3 Access Management services, you have full control of equipment access.
The ZTR K1 Keypad is built tough, and yet still looks and handles well even with gloves on. It’s designed to be mounted as a retrofit, or as an OEM installed option, which makes enabling this technology even easier. 

Rental counter or fleet operations personnel can use ONE i3 to assign equipment access rights only to a group of authorized/trained users, preventing unauthorized or unsafe machine use and theft. Equipment access is aligned to rental contract times and date terms with detailed usage reports. This means rental counter employees can create better customer experiences related to additional billing or contract adjustments. Jobsite managers can access ONE i3 to assign access rights to machines for operators and sub-trades, and can monitor and report on who’s using their equipment, ensuring a safe and productive worksite. 

And if a machine on the jobsite needs repair or maintenance, it can be locked out at any time. Trained equipment operators can simply tap their access card on the Keypad, or can enter a passcode to use the equipment. This makes access easier for them, and they can feel safer knowing the people around them are authorized and certified to safely operate the machinery.


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