Locomotive Performance Optimization of Fleets

A member of our team of Locomotive Modernization Experts will visit your site and evaluate your equipment. They will assess your locomotive(s) and provide a detailed review and recommendation report of what upgrades are required immediately and what should be done in the future.

First, we analyze your operations through a report on your fleet utilization (tractive effort analysis), fuel consumption, diesel emissions and overall fleet performance. Then, our team of engineers can suggest solutions to suit your needs. Think of ZTR as your partner for more efficient operations and locomotive modernization.

  • Expert review and recommendation reports
  • Modernization scheduling
  • Options for customizations and future upgrades
  • Personalized team



ZTR works closely with numerous Class 1 railways to improve the efficiency and performance of their fleets. Maintaining intimate business relationships with customers allows our team to act as an extension of their engineering teams, working on upgrades, system installations, training, customizations and new system developments. This saves time and money, while reaping the extensive benefits that come from our personalized approach.

Benefits of choosing ZTR:

  • Personalized engineering management and a consistent team
  • Regular communication on projects
  • Customizations to existing systems and processes
  • New product and solution development
  • Advanced access to pilot programs for new ZTR systems

Our ultimate goal is to consistently create proven solutions to help your business save money. Learn more about our Locomotive Modernization solutions.