Who we are

It begins with a legacy

In the mid-1980’s five co-workers suggested an idea for a new product that was ultimately rejected by the company they worked for. Fueled with determination and armed with innovation, this group founded ZTR Control Systems in 1987. 

ZTR is known for designing innovative products that extend the life of aging locomotives up to 20 years. Our engineering and software teams develop solutions that result in meaningful investment with significant ROI. Our focus is reliability, availability, maintainability and connectivity. We usher customers in to the Internet of Things (IoT) so they always know how their locomotive is performing, any time, and from anywhere. We help our customers save money to ensure their fleet is ready for what the future brings. 

Innovation is where we began and it’s the thread that joins us today. Every employee is encouraged to think creatively and this approach is what provides ZTR with a competitive advantage.

Intelligent strategic leadership

At ZTR, we do a lot of things really well. That starts with listening. We listen to customers, we offer engineering and consulting services and we create solutions and products that fill a need in the many industries we serve. We lead where others follow. We’re proactive.

Trust is earned. We know our industries and we start with our own proven technology. It’s about innovating and creating opportunities, not just for our company, but for yours too. By understanding industry challenges and specific customer needs, we deliver exceptional and unique solutions through expert knowledge, professional services and quality products.

Where we're focused

Forest next to ocean with train tracks


Planning for an environmentally sustainable future means taking action today in preparation for tomorrow. Everyone has a role to play and we take ours seriously. We help to minimize environmental impact through product innovations that reduce emissions and increase fuel savings. Our goal is to help our customers reach theirs.

People Planting a Tree

Community Engagement

Based out of our offices in Canada and the U.S. many ZTR employees help their local communities, charities and social enterprises every day. Whether we're collecting donations for the local food bank, raising money for vulnerable groups, or supporting Rotary projects, we believe in improving the places where our employees live and work.


A meeting between female executives

Corporate Responsibility

As a responsible corporate citizen, ZTR believes it's important to contribute to society in meaningful ways. Success can't be measured by economic impact alone. It's also about reinvesting in the communities we serve through job creation, business affiliations, educational programs, and our philanthropic commitments. 

Sunset Railroad Forest

Your partner for the long haul

We listen to businesses. We listen to people working on the railway. We listen to unique challenges, and as the world changes, we create innovative products to solve those challenges. We’re in it for the long haul and we offer solutions to ensure your locomotives and other railway equipment are too.

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