Does your fleet have the support it needs?

You know how distracted driving or maintenance oversight can lead to costly repairs and downtime? The same thing can happen to your railway fleet.

Sometimes, non-locomotive equipment can get caught in your blind spot, or simply end up lower on the list of priorities than it should. But, this doesn’t have to happen. If ALL of your equipment is connected, you’ll be able to deliver higher standards of service and realize new cost and operational efficiencies. Like with your car, there are a few key steps you can take to ensure proper operation and the longest possible lifecycle for all of your equipment.

Proper maintenance management

If you drive with low tire pressure, you damage your tires and wheel components. The only way you would be aware of the low tire pressure before noticing a flat is from the sensors available on newer models – and only if those sensors are working properly. The result of driving without awareness of the issue is costly maintenance, repair or replacement before it’s due or planned, or even worse – an accident.

But, if your equipment is connected with a complete Railway IoT solution, you’ll have remote access to diagnostics from critical systems. Mobile and stationary equipment – regardless of size – can be monitored by location and usage, so you can avoid delays and increase asset availability. The ability to create and adjust maintenance schedules and manage alerts online increases efficiency, avoids unnecessary maintenance and downtime, while maintaining safety and efficiency for maximum return on investment.

Access to key information

If you use the wrong fuel or oil in your vehicle, it may not perform properly, or could cease to operate entirely. The same is true for your industrial railway equipment. When the right people can access the right information at the right time, you can capitalize on asset performance and utilization. When your assets and other business systems are effortlessly connected, you can easily track the usage and maintenance requirements of critical equipment with regular mobile reports that can be shared to ensure that your equipment is always available.

Clear vision from all vantage points

While driving you adjust your mirrors so you can have the clearest view possible from all directions. And having your headlights on at all times, improves overall visibility in all lighting situations. Having a constant and clear view of all parts of your fleet is just as important. Accessing accurate usage, location and tracking information helps you detect problems with your assets sooner, troubleshoot in the field and increase equipment uptime. With a clearer view of your entire fleet, you can move under-utilized equipment to other sites, park equipment that’s not needed, bring in additional equipment during busier times, and more.  

Successful navigation

Driving through deep water or muddy terrain can be a challenge even for the most rugged vehicles, just like it can be easy to get stuck under a mountain of data without knowing what you’re looking for or how to manage it all. With industry experts available to help you determine the key insights from the information generated from all of your connected equipment, you’ll be able to make better decisions about your fleet and improve operational efficiency as a data-driven company.

Your maintenance-of-way and yard equipment perform important supporting roles in your fleet. Understanding key information about these assets and how they function will allow you to capitalize on opportunities for fleet efficiencies that generate cost reductions. Take your fleet where you want it to go, with a full-fleet approach to your Railway IoT.