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ZTR Adds Industrial IoT Features to ONE i3

MINNEAPOLIS and LONDON, Ontario – ZTR Control Systems, a global leader in intelligent industrial equipment management solutions, is proud to announce new features to its ONE i3® telematics platform.

ZTR is committed to constantly improving the customer experience with its Industrial IoT platform, ONE i3 and with that in mind, the company has implemented two new features: Document Links and Fault Alerts.

Document Links in the ONE i3 platform gives field technicians the procedures and troubleshooting guides they need right on their mobile device, without the overhead of a document management system. Simply insert a document link into ONE i3 at the appropriate place and the technician can open the latest document while on the road. If you make changes to the master, the technician will automatically open the new version the next time they pull it up. “This is a huge paperwork and time saver for those that have a tight IT budget, yet want to streamline their operations”, said Len Auer - ZTR Product Marketing Manager. “Putting procedures and troubleshooting guides, written by experienced players, at the technician’s fingertips really brings them up to speed quickly and improves results.”

ZTR released Fault Alerts in the ONE i3 platform, greatly expanding the data points for which you can receive alert notifications. “Adding equipment faults to the list of possible alert notifications gives ONE i3 users even deeper insight into what’s happening with their equipment. It’ll keep you ahead of any problems and you’ll work smarter.” said Len Auer – ZR Product Marketing Manager.

ZTR is more than telematics, we’re your Industrial IoT partner.

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