Deliver the supply chain visibility your customers want


Need a clearer picture of railcar status?


If you’re not focusing on how railway IoT technology can improve supply chain visibility, you could be overlooking a crucial opportunity. 

Railcars contain a lot more than cargo.

From real-time location, mileage, to load status, there’s a great deal of valuable data you can capture to get a clearer picture of your railcar status. Customers want to know with more immediacy – where their freight is, when it’s going to arrive and how that will impact their own productivity.

ZTR and BlackBerry Partner to Revolutionize the Rail Industry


Industry Leaders Team Up To Launch New Digital Railcar Solution

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and WATERLOO, ON – April 6, 2020 – ZTR, a market leader in delivering innovative locomotive modernization solutions, and BlackBerry Limited (NYSE: BB; TSX: BB), a trusted security software company, are combining their proven technology expertise to offer railcar owners, operators and suppliers a powerful new digital monitoring solution.

Keep your railway moving


Keep your railway moving by giving your locomotives a KickStart!

Locomotive reliability is essential, and locomotive batteries are under more strain than ever before. To keep your railway moving, you need to minimize downtime and other issues caused by dead-won’t-start (DWS) events.

Using supercapacitor technology, KickStart supplements the locomotive batteries during engine start to provide longer battery life, reduced voltage drop during starting and lower power demand which results in significant reduction in the occurrence of DWS.

Where's the rail industry heading?


Conversations about railway industry challenges and innovative solutions included talk of alternate fuels, autonomous locomotives, women in rail, and PSR.

Give your fleet a new lease on life with Railway IoT


How to give your fleet a new lease on life with Railway IoT.

As railway fleets age, owners and operators often face costs associated with discarding and replacing assets. But, thanks to technology, there are ways to extend fleet life and increase operational efficiencies without having to buy new.

Idle reduction and reduced emissions: there's a grant for that!


Supporting the environment with innovation

As environmental standards evolve, the railway industry needs innovative products that save operational dollars and comply with environmental legislation. ZTR recognized the need for locomotive systems to advance performance and reduce environmental impact many decades ago, so we developed SmartStart®, the industry-leading locomotive Automatic Engine Start-Stop system (AESS).

Federal funding

Innovations in rail


The 2019 Railway Interchange conference showcased the pulse of the industry as it rolls toward a future that embraces innovative technologies. Digitization was a main focus, along with a number of other trending topics. Which trends are having the greatest impact on the industry? Read on to find out!