Railway Asset Management

At ZTR, we understand the challenges of your fleet and all the equipment that supports it. As Railway Internet of Things (IoT) experts, we’ve created high-value and unique solutions to fit your needs. The ZTR ONE i3® platform allows easy integration with all equipment and data through an advanced network, responsive user interface and optimized fleet management software. From simple asset tracking and remote monitoring solutions, to full health diagnostics for your industrial railway equipment, we can help ensure that your extended fleet is as optimized and efficient as your locomotive fleet.  

  • Manage health of railway equipment
  • Remote monitoring and GPS
  • Advanced back-office performance and support


As a global leader in industrial asset management, we have extensive experience in creating remote telematics solutions for the Industrial IoT. This allows us to provide a variety of solutions for your locomotive and extended fleet that are customized to your business with the information you need. 

  • Over 180,000 assets monitored world wide
  • Nearly 30 years as locomotive modernization experts
  • Multiple solutions to meet the needs of your fleet
  • Powerful new ONE i3 platform to connect all of your equipment
  • Customized solutions backed by 24/7 technical support