Intelligent Starting Technology

Intelligent Starting TechnologyThe ZTR Intelligent Starting Technology solutions are designed for locomotive utilization improvement including easier and more reliable starts and increased fuel savings. Your locomotives will be ready to go when you need them with lower total operating costs.

  • Reduce emissions and save fuel
  • Improve starting reliability
  • Monitor fuel savings remotely
  • Automatically start/stop locomotive


Products include:

SmartStart® IIe
SmartStart is the industry-leading locomotive automatic engine start/stop system because of proven results on thousands of locomotives. With an ROI of less than 12 months, it saves railways 1.5 million gallons of fuel every month!

The KickStart battery assist uses supercapacitor technology to offload the starting current required from batteries to start the locomotive. This results in more reliable locomotive starts and extended battery life.

Locomotive Battery Saver System™
The Locomotive Battery Saver System has a contactor simulating a knife switch, which will open automatically after a pre-set time delay. This system prevents untimely delays caused by dead batteries and improves reliability. 


With a proven history of tested solutions and a measurable ROI, ZTR is the only choice for your starting reliability.

  • Proven history with Intelligent Starting Technology
  • Direct and measurable ROI for your fleet
  • Applicable to nearly all locomotive types
  • Over 11,000 systems installed globally
  • Integration options for remote connectivity, diagnostics and reporting