Locomotive Communication Module (LCM)

Nexsys Communication ModuleThe Locomotive Communication Module (LCM) connects to the NEXSYS™ III-i control system to deliver valuable information on locomotive health, performance, location, and diagnostics. This information can save time and money in maintenance planning, performance reporting, remote troubleshooting, alert management, and overall fleet efficiency. 

  • GPS location and geofencing
  • Locomotive diagnostics
  • Management reporting
  • Mobile access
  • Remote monitoring and customized support
  • Integration options with other enterprise systems



With a proven history in Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and diagnostic information management, we have a unique knowledge base and forward-thinking perspective.  Our extensive experience and vision ensures your fleet is in line with technology today and fully prepared for the future.

NEXSYS III-i and LCM Benefits

  • Operational efficiency and utilization reporting
  • System diagnostics and maintenance triggers available remotely
  • User-friendly diagnostic interface

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