A New Offering for ZTR

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and LONDON, ON -- ZTR Control Systems, the principal leader in industrial telematics equipment monitoring and management, has just released a new package specifically designed with the portable GENSET in mind. Whether providing power to a construction site, a well site, or to a community fair, ZTR has the GENSET telematics solution.

With simple, effortless technology, telematics gives the customer real time operational awareness; anytime, anywhere. Focusing on diagnostics and troubleshooting, the industrial internet is moving to a practical data-driven approach. We all know that efficiency is paramount and telematics can account for each moment of GENSET production. At any site, if there’s no power, everything comes to a screeching halt.

The ZTR GENSET package has the ability to tap into J1939 and Modbus to gather and analyze crucial information. The ZTR i3™ Network brings businesses into the Internet of Things (IoT) by facilitating and monitoring those intricate equipment ‘conversations’. Utilization reporting, historical data, maintenance planning are all instantly available remotely by mobile app. As we move into the Internet of Things (IoT), ZTR is leading the charge, creating innovative and collaborative solutions for every Original Equipment Manufacturer and Equipment Management Professional. ZTR understands business needs and develops tailored technical solutions to improve efficiency.