5 top features you need from a reliable axle generator

Are you getting the most out of your axle generator?

As a critical component of locomotive operation, a reliable axle generator directly affects fleet availability. It’s important that an axle generator operate effectively, efficiently, and with longevity. Here’s what you need to look for in a reliable axle generator:

  1. A low-profile design that’s easy to install

The reliability of an axle generator is directly related to its longevity. That’s why ZTR’s axle generator has a compact design and sloped sides to deflect debris, which reduces the amount of damage caused by impacts, and ensures that the axle generator stays in place longer, providing reliable signals to critical systems. Installing the axle generator should be as simple and quick as possible. Any down-time directly affects your bottom line, so you want an axle generator that that can be easily added to scheduled maintenance or your planned overhaul program.

  1. A proven solution with multiple outputs

To meet the demands on your railroad, you need locomotive solutions that are both proven and reliable. Knowing you’ve chosen an axle generator that’s trusted by many Class 1s for its advanced accuracy, fast delivery and overall reliability, you can make the right decisions faster to improve your fleet. While older axle generators offer 1 or 2 outputs, current PTC standards and future onboard systems require a solution that provides 6-8 available outputs.

  1. Field-configurable options

A multiple-output axle generator, like the ZTR AxleGen, requires a system that’s field-configurable. This makes it easier for you to provide accurate and necessary speed signals to all on-board systems that require it. If you install new onboard systems that require signal input from your axle generator, the ability to program it from the field saves a significant amount of time and resources. With many onboard systems needing this signal and so many different requirements, having multiple outputs with PPR up to 512 is both versatile and necessary.

  1. Active, self-powered technology

Some axle generators have reduced accuracy at low speeds if they require movement for activation. An axle generator with a built-in power source will increase signal accuracy, reducing this reliability issue.

  1. Maintenance-free with fast delivery

When you need to replace your axle generator, you want it quickly to eliminate excessive downtime. When you're ready, get your new axle generator from ZTR within 2-4 weeks, and have it installed the same day it arrives. You'll have an axle generator that's oil-free and requires no maintenance, which will increase locomotive availability and reliability without adding to your regular maintenance requirements.  

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