ZTR Forms New South African Alliance

ZTR is proud to announce its new partnership with Surtees in South Africa. Combined, the two companies represent almost a century of experience and expertise in the global railway industry.

ZTR and the CP Holiday Train

LONDON, ONTARIO - ZTR Control Systems is very cognizant of the need in our own community. We have a ZTR Community Giving Committee that looks for ways to give back in a meaningful way.

For the second consecutive year, we participated in the CP Holiday Train event, both by providing volunteers the night of the event and by raising food and monetary donations within our head office in London, Ontario.

Supercapacitors – The Super Heroes of Locomotive Starting

There are many items on a locomotive that endure general wear and tear from use and the locomotive batteries are no exception. Even if they are well maintained and replaced before they burn out, they can still have occasional trouble starting the locomotive. The regular starting of a locomotive can damage batteries and reduce their lifespan, requiring more maintenance or replacement sooner. To help with this, engineers looked to supercapacitor technology.

Why Buy New When You Can Renew?

The average age of a diesel powered locomotive in Europe is well over 30 years old, but in fact, many are much older. What other major industry, that is vital to the prosperity of a nation, operates equipment this old?  It is commonly done in the railway industry. This begs the question: Why?

Positive Train Control (PTC) Implementation: Will You Be Ready?

The fast approaching deadline for PTC implementation has everyone feeling the stress. The looming deadline is December 31, 2018. The sands have slipped through the hourglass and there is no more time to consider possibilities or change the implementation plan, it just has to work. The big question, of course, is how to make it work everywhere, when almost all elements of the entire nationwide system have to be developed practically simultaneously.

ZTR Control Systems Offering GENSET Telematics Package

A New Offering for ZTR

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and LONDON, ON -- ZTR Control Systems, the principal leader in industrial telematics equipment monitoring and management, has just released a new package specifically designed with the portable GENSET in mind. Whether providing power to a construction site, a well site, or to a community fair, ZTR has the GENSET telematics solution.

ZTR Control Systems Transforms the Axle Generator

ZTR Axle Gen: Performance for the Future

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and LONDON, ON.  During the lifetime of a locomotive, an axle generator can be replaced time and time again. Debris that chips away at, and eventually shakes the unit loose, can cause unplanned downtime and replacement costs. The ZTR AxleGen not only has a new slim line but it allows for EIGHT individual outputs in one small but robust unit. These outputs feature selectable voltage levels and provide enhanced precision.

Revolutionizing Locomotive Starting Power with Supercapacitor Technology

A New Kick for Your Locomotive Batteries from ZTR

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and LONDON, ON - KickStart uses supercapacitor technology to augment the power required to start the locomotive engine, minimizing the drop in battery voltage during start. It has been redesigned with functional improvements that reduce this drop even more, so that electronics stay on and the strain on the batteries is diminished. The new hardware design is lighter and more compact for easier installation and no regular maintenance after install.

ZTR Industrial Internet of Things Connects Caterpillar Dealers and Allied Fleets

ZTR Strikes Deal with Integrated Rental Systems (iRental)

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and LONDON, ON - ZTR Control Systems and its Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) Division, has struck an important milestone partnership with Integrated Rental Systems Inc. (iRental), provider of rental technology, specifically designed for Caterpillar (CAT) Rental Stores.