Why choose BOA?

ZTR, with our long history as locomotive modernization experts, keeps your fleet on track with a variety of tractive effort solutions. Whether you need to pull more with your existing fleet, pull an equal amount with less, or just make it up a steeper grade, we’re here to help.

    BOA II Device

    BOA Benefits

    The BOA™- II not only improves locomotive tractive effort, but it provides operation protection and reliability for better train handling, adhesion and performance. 

    • Improved tractive effort
    • Enhanced reliability
    • Intuitive diagnostic interface
    • Superior train handling and control
    • Open configuration options

    Our ultimate goal is to consistently create proven solutions to help your business save money.

    BOA - WS

    Outfit your Dash-2 locomotive with the ZTR BOA™-WS, to get advanced wheel slip control from your existing fleet. The BOA-WS is a PLC-based control system, designed to replace the WS10 module on EMD Dash-2 locomotives, replacing hard-wired locomotive circuitry with microprocessor technology. Running this sophisticated system software significantly improves functionality over the WS10 module. The system is also equipped with an integrated diagnostics program that checks on system performance and can give the end user the information anywhere for quick and accurate troubleshooting.

    Download the BOA Brochure


    Retrofit your aging fleet with the BOA™ -II to get the most advanced excitation and
    locomotive wheel slip protection, in an easy-to-install package.

    Increased adhesion through tractive effort improvements of up to 80% for DC main generator units and up to 25% for AC main generator units.

    Main generator and traction motor automatic short-term current regulation, voltage and current protection, and grid current protection.

    Integrated monitoring, diagnostics, logging and event counting through an intuitive web browser interface. No need to install proprietary software for setup and
    commissioning operations.

    Improved throttle response with superior train lifting
    and handling capabilities, transition and field shunt