18 August 2015

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and LONDON, ON—ZTR Control Systems has helped improve the reliability, adhesion and fuel consumption of over 1000 locomotives, through its flagship 
NEXSYS™ locomotive control system solution.  ZTR has successfully installed these units worldwide, on a wide variety of locomotives, including; SD40-2, MP15, GP15, GP40, GP38-2, GP38DC, GT22-2 and GT26-2.  With this new NEXSYS™III-i MD Module, the control and functionality of the NEXSYS™ III-i equipped mother is maintained and advanced control can be applied to ‘mother-daughter’ applications.

“The reliability and flexibility of our solutions is critically important.  NEXSYS™ III-i provides exceptional control and with the modular design, we are able to deliver customer specific solutions that ‘modernize’ locomotives with maximum efficiency,” says ZTR Control Systems General Manager, Matthew Scott.

Benefits to the Daughter Unit Include:

  • Improved Adhesion – advanced sanding controls 
  • Increased Reliability – control of light load shedding to conserve overall power and increase battery reliability
  • Advanced Diagnostics – on-board and remote diagnostic options, for advanced feedback on operating parameters to allow for better performance and operation
  • Simple to Install - greater control through a ruggedized Ethernet cable, while being flexible enough to configure the module to the specific needs of the railway