Who’s on your RIoT Team?

When you’re implementing and maintaining a Railway IoT (RIoT) strategy, there are a few key components you’ll want to make sure you put in place. It’s important to have a comprehensive solution that delivers benefits across your organization to drive strategic insights and operational improvements. It’s equally important to consider the support behind the strategy:

The team

You need a specialized team to successfully execute and support any RIoT initiative. That team should have integration experience for Railway IoT ecosystem development, provide an end-to-end solution, and include:

  • Technical experts with extensive railway engineering expertise
  • Skilled consultants who are experienced with a wide variety of equipment types from different industries, including a dedicated solutions manager to handle all aspects of delivery, development and customization
  • A single-point-of-contact who has a rail background and a true passion for RIoT to manage the solution and solve any business challenges

This is where ZTR comes in. Our team has experience with locomotives, maintenance-of-way (MOW) equipment, railcars and other on- and off-track equipment. We’ve also implemented IoT solutions in other industrial sectors, so we’re uniquely able to address the challenges that come with stationary and highly mobile equipment. By combining our trusted and proven expertise in the railway industry with our knowledge and experience in other sectors, ZTR can provide unique insights that are specific to the needs of each individual railroad. With the RIoT team from ZTR on board, your fleet managers and IT professionals can focus on more important things.

Not sure how RIoT can benefit your fleet?

Entire railroad ecosystems – off-track, hi-rail and on-track equipment, as well as other components, parts and equipment – can be monitored and tracked to provide key information that contributes to understanding and achieving your organizational goals. A complete Railway IoT solution offers an all-inclusive view of the overall operation of your assets. With access to key information at the right time and in the right places, railways can predict maintenance requirements, maximize equipment utilization, proactively identify issues, defer capital spending and discover new, powerful insights to manage how equipment is being used.

It takes an experienced, knowledgeable and passionate team of experts to design, implement and manage tailored Railway IoT solutions.

Ask the ZTR RIoT team to create a solution that will help your railway for the long haul.