ZTR Brings Advanced Telemetry Solution to the Oil and Gas Industry

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and LONDON, ON -- ZTR Control Systems, an industry leader in intelligent equipment management solutions, has introduced its Heavy Oil Well Site Monitoring and Control Package; an advanced telemetry system for the Oil and Gas industry.

The ZTR telematics solution, under its inReach® brand, allows companies to remotely monitor and manage both mobile and fixed assets from one central location. The new oil well site package is designed to integrate real-time communication between oil and gas equipment and business systems; capturing pertinent data on the status and health of equipment, then delivering it directly to your office or mobile phone.

“Our system monitors wellhead status, hydraulic pressure, casing pressure, well-head RPM, burners, tank temperature, and tank levels, just to name a few,” stated Michael Tidy, General Manager of ZTR Control Systems' Industrial IoT Division. “But perhaps most importantly, it offers automation control and per-site configurable alarm thresholds where our clients receive real-time detailed alerts.”

Designed to integrate with existing engine controllers, the system offers J1939 or Modbus connectivity, as well as, intelligent dual-mode technology (cellular or satellite) and equipment diagnostics. The Heavy Oil Well Site Monitoring and Control Package from ZTR is a whole solution for multiple applications.

“Companies in the oil and gas industry are always looking for economical ways to improve productivity, improve operations, reduce costs and prevent downtime. Our advanced telemetry system does that and so much more,” stated Tidy.

To learn more, visit http://www.ztr.com/oil-and-gas-solutions.php, e-mail connected [at] ztr [dot] com or call 1-952-233-4340. ZTR is presenting a case study, “The Business Case for Advanced Telemetry Systems on Oil & Gas Equipment” at the World Heavy Oil Congress 2015 on March 26, 2015.


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