29 June 2011
MINNEAPOLIS - ZTR Control Systems continues to improve the industry-standard SmartStart® Automatic Engine Stop Start  (AESS). ZTR Control Systems announced today the new SmartStart® IIe is in full production. Since 1991, SmartStart AESS Systems have been helping reduce the impact on the environment with dramatic fuel savings (millions of gallons). For example, a Class 1 Railroad has saved 264,225 gallons of fuel on one locomotive since implementing SmartStart in 1994—that's over 16,000 gallons saved a year.
The SmartStart IIe includes emission reporting to provide documentation and verification of emission reduction. The SmartStart IIe is fully backwards-compatible with the SmartStart II and also compatible with the new ZTR Virtual Technician diagnostic software.
The SmartStart IIe can be applied to just about any locomotive—from relay logic to microprocessor—regardless of manufacturer, model, age, or usage. SmartStart IIe is a compact system designed to mount easily inside the locomotive module rack.
SmartStart's microprocessor technology allows you to easily add functionality such as:
  • Extended Fuel Saving option, which includes load shedding of the locomotive lighting circuit, auxiliary load shedding and shutdown time delay override.
  • Anti-Tampering Device reduces the likelihood of a SmartStart system being disabled by unauthorized personnel while the locomotive is in service.
  • Ditch light load shedding works with auxiliary load shedding and turns off locomotive ditch lights at the same time as the headlights.
  • SAVER™ – Remote Monitoring and Reporting option. Obtain instant alerts to email, your smart phone or desktop. Know when conditions occur that limit your fuel savings and correct them immediately. Fleet Reporting gives you Aggregate Performance Data for your Entire Fleet and can be integrated with Existing Back-office Systems.
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