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Rental companies and OEMs can’t always see all the information they need to support their business operations. They need to be able to work together effectively to gain more visibility to the telematics data that’s important to them. 

The challenge

  • The need for sharing intelligence is clear, but it’s also important to protect data safety and integrity with controls that govern use, visibility and rights to information.
  • When customers buy OEM products, rental companies and fleet owners will typically seek access to the OEM telematics solution. This can get complicated quickly because of their existing mixed fleet accounts in the ZTR ONE i3 platform.
  • Rental companies may wish to keep location data private.
  • Rental customers should be able to see the asset location to help them at the worksite, as well as basic equipment data.
  • The OEM telematics experience needs to be maintained so that the users who have access can receive the benefits of its program.
  • OEM, rental and fleet account owners are concerned about their telematics costs as their connected fleets grow.

The solution

  • ZTR has introduced a Data Brokerage service into its ONE i3 platform to enable sharing benefits from machine data across multiple customer accounts.
  • ONE i3 account interconnections and data integrations are flexible to allow both high-level and specific data-point visibility, giving the power and control needed to execute the agreements.
  • Machine data is standardized and governed so it’s understandable and easily applied to customer business systems, whether that’s through an API connection, or in the ONE i3 web and mobile applications.

The result

  • Customers receive a service that manages technology elements in combination with the client relationships and contracts.
  • On the relationship management side, ZTR acts as the trusted broker between the parties involved to help them work together to make the right data sharing agreements that meet their requirements.
  • On the technology side, ONE i3 customer account and data structures were re-invented, enabling OEMs, rental companies and end-users to share data in a governed and secure manner. 
  • The virtual community on the ONE i3 platform increases the value and efficiencies generated by telematics data, all while realizing reduced customer costs and brand loyalty. Securely sharing data-generated intelligence in a trusted environment paves the way for innovative future mixed-fleet applications on the jobsite by solving the data visibility problem.

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