Introducing, the NEW BOA™-II: The Most Advanced Wheel Slip Control Technology Available

BOA-II from ZTR: Wheel Slip Insurance

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and LONDON, ON The new BOA-II from ZTR Control Systems is designed to retrofit aging fleets with advanced excitation and superior locomotive wheel slip protection. Nearly every single feature of the BOA has been drastically improved for the most advanced and sophisticated system for wheel slip prevention and control. The new BOA-II improves locomotive tractive effort, equipment protection and reliability for better train handling, adhesion and performance. It has been developed with the new FLEX platform hardware to allow customers to upgrade other ZTR systems like the Locomotive ELC-PEO easily, with a few modules, or get the full BOA-II and have room for other upgrades in the future. With the new BOA-II wheel slip control system, railroads get superior train handling & control through improved tractive effort and reliability while also securing advanced equipment protection and regulation. This allows railroads to extend the life of their fleet and ensure they are getting the most value possible from it.
“The new BOA-II is an extremely cost-effective, reliable and advanced tractive effort improvement system,” says ZTR Rail Division GM, Matthew Scott. “It’s an upgrade on our existing technology that allows railroads to get more out of existing fleets. Our goal is to always create systems that provide a direct return on investment and significant operational value to our customers. The BOA-II accomplishes that.”
Visit BOA II Brochure. You may also e-mail railinfo [at] ztr [dot] com, or call 1-952-233-4340.

About ZTR
Since 1987, ZTR Control Systems LLC, has been an industry leader in intelligent equipment management solutions for locomotive modernization and equipment monitoring. As locomotive modernization experts, ZTR helps railroads gain an additional 15-20 service years out of their locomotives. With thousands of installations worldwide, the ZTR innovative locomotive modernization solutions in intelligent starting technologies, control systems, remote monitoring, and enhanced diagnostics, help improve the performance, reliability and efficiency of aging locomotives.


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