Know location. Manage assets. Wherever your equipment is.


In the construction industry, it’s routine to track high-value powered machinery using IoT technology. But users are still struggling to find tools, accessories and attachments on the worksite. Having blind spots on these items can result in lost productivity, lost items, asset hoarding, and high costs. Wasting time looking for things shouldn’t be part of any job description.

The challenge

  • Full-fleet tracking, asset visibility including tools, accessories and attachments
  • Last known location, time spent searching for assets
  • Asset availability in key areas/zones, hoarding
  • Awareness of under- and fully-utilized 
  • The ability to right-size jobs to reduce costs and improve efficiency

TagsThe solution

  • T-series devices are small, affordable, and have a 2-to-5 year battery life
  • Bluetooth® connection when in range of ZTR IoT gateway technology
  • Three gateway solutions — Equipment, Fixed, Mobile
  • Fixed Gateways are ideal for key asset inventory tracking  
  • M7-equipped assets function as Equipment Gateways to strengthen coverage
  • A Mobile Gateway is available for smartphones to survey jobs or asset location
  • Integrated accelerometer tracks motion, provides insight on asset utilization
  • Rugged devices with shock absorption, plus C1D1 and IP66/67 rating for capable operation in wet, dirty and dusty locations, or where fire/explosion hazards exist

The result

T-Series asset tags 

The ZTR T-Series devices (T15 and T25) are quick and easy to mount on most assets using flexible mounting options (screws, cable ties, adhesive). With integrated accelerometers that track motion and provide insight on asset utilization, the tags help you improve efficiency. They’re easily activated with a smartphone and connect automatically via Bluetooth to the ONE i3 cloud service so you can see the information and insights you need.

ZTR gateways

Equipment Gateway

While the primary purpose of the M7-Series telematics product is to monitor equipment, it also acts as equipment gateways to extend network coverage so you can get tool and attachment visibility outside key tracking locations.

  • Locates assets with a coverage area of approximately 0.5 acre / 2000 m2
  • Offloads motion hours from tags

Fixed Gateway

Fixed gateways act as stationary jobsite monitors. They provide information on assets or equipment that enter the monitoring area and can provide a constant reporting stream when mobile gateways aren’t in the immediate area. The G200 fixed gateway can help:

  • Provide last-seen location on tools 
  • Enable continuous surveillance of tagged assets
  • Offload motion hours from tags
  • Provide accurate inventory and the ability to perform cycle counts quickly
  • Save time and effort spent determining asset availability for customers

Mobile Gateway

A mobile gateway, available for smartphones, lets people survey tagged assets either in a specific area or along a worksite using their phone.

  • Locates tags indoors
  • Quickly surveys tags in rental yards, shops or jobsites and pins their locations to ONE i3.

Portable Gateway

The G210 can:

  • Automatically survey assets providing insights on tool inventory
  • Show where storage units were last seen
  • Enable tracking and management process transformation, to reduce tool hoarding and increase accountability to return tools to designated containers


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