Fuel Management

Fuel is the second largest expense for a railway. Even making small improvements to fuel management can have a big impact on the bottom line. We offer AESS and tank measurement solutions that provide significant fuel savings, accurate fuel measurements and advanced diagnostic information, all available remotely through our proven connectivity solutions.

Fuel Management

Products include:

InteLevel® and SAVER™
InteLevel and SAVER combined offers a wireless connectivity system that accurately tracks fuel events, tank ruptures and confirms fuel levels by location.

InteLevel®, SmartStart® and SAVER™
This total system not only provides you with valuable information for efficient fleet fuel management, but also provides fuel conservation and fuel savings you can measure.

  • Reports show system performance, fuel usage and opportunities for more fuel savings
  • GPS location and GeoZone® intelligent reporting
  • Detailed mobile reports for any locomotive


With expertise in both locomotive modernization and wireless connectivity in the complex railway environment, we at ZTR provide you with a total solution. Our approach is to understand your railway and tailor a solution that works best for you.

  • Implemented with many Class 1 railroads and have been providing valuable fleet management benefits for years.
  • Wirelessly connects to thousands of assets to provide accurate fuel level reporting. This optimizes fleet fuel management and contributes to efficient operations.