Diagnostics and Connectivity

As a leader in Railway IoT, we at ZTR provide Diagnostics and Connectivity solutions that add value to your operations.  

•    Improve locomotive availability through sophisticated analytics and health monitoring
•    Remotely access locomotive data with customized reports and receive wireless notifications
•    Gather and manage your information with advanced systems 

Diagnostics and Connectivity


Our diagnostic software provides access to reports and real-time data. You can easily view large data files and snapshots, as well as useful troubleshooting instructions.  This offers the same diagnostic capabilities as laptop-based software, but on a small operator interface display mounted in the cab of a locomotive. We can also work with a variety of third-party interfaces to integrate all equipment.


Keep all of your locomotive assets connected. Diagnostic information can be viewed remotely on any device, as long as it has a web browser and an internet connection. This locomotive health and diagnostic information can be further enhanced with location data, customized reports, automatic fault, alarm notifications and fleet-wide reporting.

Data Acquisition

We create solutions that collect the information you need and integrate it with your business systems to improve operational performance.

Information Integration

We offer customizable solutions that can integrate data and diagnostic systems into a locomotive information hub and add additional processing and remote connectivity options to optimize the information.


Connectivity options include:

Accessing wireless information about the performance of your system when connected to SmartStart® IIe or InteLevel®.

Locomotive Communication Module (LCM)
Connecting your NEXSYS III-i system to advanced fleet management and maintenance planning with diagnostics, reporting and remote communication.


At ZTR, our diagnostic and connectivity solutions put all of your fleet information in one place. When developing a new system, our focus is flexibility. We know every railway is different and each solution is a tailored fit.

•    Proven history with locomotive modernization
•    Wireless information and communications hub
•    Integration of data acquisition systems
•    Customized solutions and reports
•    24/7 technical support