Improve company performance with data-driven decision making

Data-driven decision making has been proven to significantly improve company performance. Becoming a data-driven company requires a connection to your equipment and integration with your business systems. This integration becomes the catalyst for new insights that will give you an edge in a competitive market. 

ONE i3® analytics, with GeoZone® adaptive reporting, will uncover new operational efficiencies and services growth opportunities.

Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM)

  • Increase effectiveness of your parts program
  • Laser-focused product enhancements based on field data
  • New targeted warranty programs

Private Fleet

  • Reduce field trip visits
  • Increase equipment availability and utilization
  • Reward and keep your best Project Managers based on asset utilization

Rental Equipment Company

  • Retain profitable customers with usage analysis and loyalty programs
  • Add new service offerings to boost contract values
  • Optimize fleet and equipment purchase selection based on utilization characteristics of your customers