ZTR Control Systems Proud of Engineering Manager’s Award

LMOA Diesel Electrical Committee Recognizes Amarjit Soora

MINNEAPOLIS, MN and LONDON, ON  ZTR Control Systems has been a trusted source for innovative, reliable and cost effective technologies for the locomotive industry around the globe. The company is proud to support the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association (LMOA). ZTR is extremely proud to announce that its Manager of Engineering, Amarjit Soora, has been honored by the LMOA Executive Board as the 2015 Most Valuable Person (MVP). This award is ‘In recognition and appreciation of the meritorious service and significant contributions made to the LMOA Diesel Electrical Committee.’

Soora has been a member of the LMOA Diesel Electrical Committee for almost three years. Known for being humble, he says he was, ‘surprised, delighted and grateful’ when notified of this recognition. What he values most about his membership on the committee is the knowledge exchange with so many seasoned experts in the industry, even with competitors. He has made a presentation and published a white paper for the past three years at the Railway Interchange annual tradeshow. His first of those presentations was about diagnostics. “I’m most excited about how diagnostics and information management will change the rail industry in the future. As we move technology forward, it’s an exciting time to be involved in the LMOA and ZTR is a valuable contributor.” Soora has now been appointed the Vice Chair of the Diesel Electrical Committee 2016.

About the Locomotive Maintenance Officers Association
The LMOA was formed in 1939, providing its members a forum to share problems, solutions and best practices and, in turn, foster safer and more reliable rail operations.


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