ZTR uses its expertise in locomotive tractive effort, railway operations and locomotive modernization to provide a valuable analysis that will save you time and money through the optimization of current locomotive resources. Our experts at ZTR provide you with a roadmap of tractive effort inefficiencies and recommend solutions that work for your business.

  • Cost savings
  • ROI verification
  • Personalized operations report
  • Comparative analysis
  • Potential ZTR purchase savings

It’s our experience through years of designing tractive effort control systems for customers, that makes ZTR uniquely qualified to help you evaluate your current operations. We can show you how an upgrade, or modernization, can help you pull more, with less.

Our report will help you develop an understanding of the performance criteria you will need to apply technologies available. There is no obligation to buy any specific product or service. Your outcome is what’s important to us.

Our ultimate goal is to consistently create proven solutions to help your business save money. Learn more about our Locomotive Modernization solutions.