SmartStart IIe

SmartStart® has been helping to reduce locomotive idling and delivering outstanding fuel savings, on a global scale, for over 25 years, but it can also provide remote reporting of fuel and emissions reductions. SmartStart has a return on investment of less than 12 months, and it saves North American railways 1.5 million gallons of fuel every month!SmartStart IIe, Automatic Engine Start Stop (AESS)

  • Reduced fuel and lube oil consumption
  • Reduced emissions and restart exhaust smoke
  • Consistent fuel management and verification of fuel savings
  • Locomotive is always ready to use
  • Documentation is available remotely or through a direct connection
  • Automatic locomotive start/stop and shutdown management
  • Meets EPA locomotive emission requirements



As innovative locomotive modernization experts, we at ZTR have a long and proven history of fuel conservation, emissions reduction and helping customers remain connected to their locomotives.

Benefits of choosing ZTR:

  • Innovators of locomotive Automatic Engine Start Stop (AESS) technology
  • Thousands of AESS installations world wide
  • Over 25 years of proven product experience
  • Remote connectivity and reporting
  • Measurable ROI

We are also known for our exceptional integration capabilities. Our ultimate goal is to consistently create proven solutions to help your business save money. Learn more about our Intelligent Starting Technology Solutions.