The ZTR SAVER™ is a remote communication device that, when added to a system like SmartStart®, gives you wireless information about the performance of your system.

Our SmartStart SAVER System will provide remote monitoring and downloading of information/data from locomotives. The primary focus is to provide valuable reports from information contained within SmartStart, in addition to alert notifications and GPS mapping.

SAVER gives you wireless information about the performance of your SmartStart systems.

SAVER + SmartStart

  • Fleet reports showing SmartStart performance and opportunities for even more fuel savings
  • GPS location and geofencing
  • Automated alarm notification
  • SmartStart Detail Report for any locomotive
  • Smartphone app to see vital information on SAVER-equipped locomotives




With a proven history in Industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and diagnostic information management, ZTR has a unique knowledge base and forward-thinking perspective. These attributes make us an ideal partner for your locomotive diagnostic and connectivity needs. Our experience and vision ensure your fleet is not only in line with today’s technology, but is fully prepared for the future.

SAVER Benefits Include:

  •   Automatic Engine Stop Start (AESS) performance reporting
  •   Fuel and emission reporting
  •   Operations efficiency and utilization reporting
  •   System diagnostics
  •   Maintenance triggers

Our ultimate goal is to consistently create proven solutions to help your business save money.