Telematics for OEM

The ONE i3® Solution: Complex Industrial IoT Made Simple.

Stay connected to your products from cradle to grave.

Combining business data and equipment data will transform your company by generating new growth opportunities and cost efficiencies. Becoming a data-driven OEM requires a connection to your equipment over its entire life. The challenge is pulling all the pieces together into one seamless solution. Partnering with ZTR will allow for a successful deployment at a lower cost with measurable benefits within months. In addition, ZTR will handle the ever-changing Industrial IoT world, so you can focus on your core business.

The ZTR ONE i3 Solution provides all the elements of the Industrial IoT together in one solution, tailored to fit your needs, allowing you to connect customers in ways that add value and build loyalty. As a complete end-to-end solution, it includes hardware, equipment integration, platform, user interface with GeoZone® adaptive reporting, wireless management, and support.


  • Increase equipment sales through product differentiation
  • Enhance product based on actual field data
  • Improve customer support with more responsive interactions
  • Reduce warranty program costs
  • Increase process efficiencies through integration with existing systems
  • Consistent user interface on any device (computer, tablet, mobile)



ZTR is a proven Industrial IoT expert that will connect your products, customers, and organization together like never before. We’ll take care of the ever-changing Industrial IoT world, so you can focus on using the business intelligence in areas such as product design, warranty, legal, part sales, and dealer loyalty. With a complete Industrial IoT solution from one supplier, you will avoid the inefficiencies and costs of dealing with multiple component vendors. 

Data-driven decision making improves company performance.