Whether rebuilding your locomotive or simply upgrading the electrical systems, NEXSYS™ III-i gives you the best value in locomotive control. This microprocessor-based locomotive control system features a reliable and compact design, increased locomotive adhesion, advanced control options and integrated AESS technology that will significantly extend the life of your locomotive.

  • Improve dry rail adhesion performance by up to 44%*
  • Improve wet rail adhesion performance by up to 29%*
  • Increase free space in your high voltage cabinet by over 60% (based on a typical SD40-2 locomotive)
  • Proven microprocessor technology replaces old relay logic or modules
  • Easy to read on-board diagnostic display
  • Integrated with SmartStart®, the most trusted AESS on the market
  • Improve reliability and eliminate extra modules with an integrated voltage regulator including battery charging and current limiting features



NEXSYS III-i and NCM Benefits

  • Operational efficiency and utilization reporting
  • System diagnostics and maintenance triggers available remotely
  • User-friendly diagnostic interface


Backed by decades of experience, ZTR provides reliable products and first-class support to railways around the world. 

ZTR Capabilities Include:

  • Locomotive electrical system design
  • Hardware development
  • Software system development
  • Embedded systems development
  • Systems integration and project management


Railways trust us with projects that require ingenuity and experience to tailor a solution for maximum return on investment. Most locomotive applications are unique in their conditions and requirements, which is why we design control systems for flexibility and customization. We use microprocessor technology that has many years of proven industrial use and long term parts support. The result is a solid control system to give you the best possible locomotive performance over the long haul.

Our ultimate goal is to consistently create proven solutions to help your business save money. Learn more about our Control Systems and Tractive Effort solutions.

* Independent testing done by TTCI, a wholly owned subsidiary of AAR.