Locomotive Battery Saver System

When you forget, ZTR remembers. The ZTR Locomotive Battery Saver System incorporates a contactor that simulates the locomotive battery knife switch to open automatically, after a pre-determined time delay, to cut non-essential circuits. This system prevents untimely delays caused by dead batteries and improves reliability. The rugged yet compact design allows for easy mounting.  
Locomotive Battery Saver System

  • Disconnects non-essential circuits during a manual shut down
  • Extends battery life and reduces dead battery occurrences
  • Compact size and easily mounts in the electrical cabinet
  • Rugged design with a backlit reset button



The ZTR Locomotive Battery Saver System has a proven history of improving the battery life and starting reliability of locomotives. With a system from ZTR you will see locomotive starting improvement and reduced dead battery occurrences.

This system can be purchased as a standalone solution or as an integrated option for SmartStart® IIe or NEXSYS™ III-i.

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