The ZTR Locomotive Interface Gateway (LIG) effortlessly collects, translates and distributes data from the NEXSYS™ III-i control system to the Positive Train Control (PTC) network in accordance with American Association of Railroads (AAR) Standard. It broadcasts faults to the PTC system to help ensure critical safety management.

It is designed to work with the NEXSYS III-i, and also has additional ports for customizable options and PTC requirements that may arise in the future.

The ZTR LIG is available in multiple formats to suit your system requirements: A stand-alone solution, an integrated module on the ZTR ACC system or as a software solution applicable to a module of your own ACC type system. 


  • Communication with PTC network
  • Automatic fault notifications
  • Fault logs
  • Future expandability
  • Ready to install
  • Increased operational safety through PTC network communication



Why Choose ZTR?

ZTR strives to understand and meet the needs of the railway. In regards to the upcoming PTC implementation, we listened to our customers and developed a locomotive integration gateway to allow the ZTR NEXSYS III-i system to communicate effectively with PTC.

  • The ZTR LIG is ready for implementation with your NEXSYS III-i system today
  • There are multiple options for the ZTR LIG to meet space restrictions and communication requirements
  • The ZTR LIG is also available as a module for an ancillary card cage (ACC) system. The ZTR ACC can house not only a card with LIG software, but integrate additional processing, critical communication systems, remote monitoring and other options, in a compact card cage 


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