The ZTR AxleGen is a locomotive axle generator that is designed for the rigors of the railway with a slim profile that’s easy to install.

The ZTR AxleGen solution also includes a programmable, cab-mounted interface module. The Interface Module is capable of not only delivering multiple wave forms, but it also supports all industry standard frequencies (pulse counts or PPR). This means your fleet is equipped and on point for new technology in the future, with 8 possible outputs. Reduce locomotive axle generator costs, eliminate maintenance, and allow for future expansion with the ZTR AxleGen.

Locomotive Axle Generator

  • Low profile design
  • Easy to install
  • Multiple outputs
  • Field configurable
  • Low maintenance
  • Cost-effective




Through our many years of experience, we understand that it’s crucial to have the best components in order to have the best systems. When speed is a critical component of managing your locomotive, you need high reliability. The ZTR AxleGen reduces customer costs through less maintenance, fewer broken unit replacements and multi-unit redundancies in a field-configurable and customizable system.

We are also known for our exceptional integration capabilities. Our ultimate goal is to consistently create proven solutions to help your business save money. Learn more about our Control Systems and Tractive Effort solutions.

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