Harness the power of connection with ZTR M7

The M7 goes beyond minimal data collection and extracts rich machine data to provide a clearer picture of usage, productivity, performance, access, and more — all in a cost-effective, compact piece of hardware that easily integrates with OEM controllers and engines.

Built for the future

The M7 is a cost-effective solution which enables IoT technology adaptation on wide range of equipment across the construction industry.

With one piece of hardware, users can easily gather rich insights from their fleet from any location across the globe.

Compact and powerful

Small but robust, the M7 features powerfully designed software architecture which enables real-time data processing for edge computing.

  • Key features
  • Includes the latest IoT wireless communications technology
  • Protocol Support for CAN Bus (J1939, CANopen), Serial (Modbus) for greater integration with machine controllers
  • Remote machine control
  • Rugged design for harsh work environments
  • Integrated Battery Negative Disconnect (BND) capability to avoid unintentional battery drain
  • Wired analog inputs, digital inputs and outputs for increased flexibility to satisfy customer applications
  • Reduced size for easier installation in tight spaces
  • Global certifications and coverage for larger-scale operations

ZTR installs its telematics directly with a growing network of manufacturers so your telematics solution is already activated and ready to save you time and effort.