Sunbelt Rentals launches telematics partnership with ZTR

Sunbelt Rentals UK partners with ZTR to launch innovative telematics program

LONDON, ON, MINNEAPOLIS, MN and DORDRECHT, NL – March 26, 2021 –  Sunbelt Rentals UK is challenging the powered access industry as it takes the lead in safety and service through the introduction of its new fleet-wide powered access telematics programme.

The revolutionary access management software, from ZTR, will be applied to all of Sunbelt’s powered access fleet making it the first rental supplier in the UK to do this.

The investment of almost £1million will introduce a new standard of safety and telematics operations to the UK market. Sunbelt Rentals promises much to come in the way of technology advancements, having already introduced customer facing innovations such as Logistic and Command Centre as part of its ongoing digital transformation strategy.

Sunbelt Rentals is aware that customers are facing increased issues with access control from unauthorised use, theft or unsafe operation and that the solution from ZTR can help to prevent that.

Mick Ledden, Director of Operational Excellence at Sunbelt Rentals says, “We’ll address these challenges with our new powered access telemetry program by offering sustainable and safe products which will ultimately elevate standards industry wide”.

The solution will extend across the entire powered access fleet, and Sunbelt Rentals predicts that this will provide the next-level of customer service.

“We’re not just rolling out this programme in fits and starts and it won’t be limited to retrofits. It will be the OEM standard as new powered access machines join our fleet. A focus for Sunbelt Rentals is to drive our customers and our own sustainability plans, this program is a solid step in getting a key product line connected to our wider ‘IoT’ plans,” Ledden says.

Sunbelt Rentals will offer a complete user interface within its recently launched customer portal - Command Centre. The telematics data will feed directly into the portal and the Command Centre will give site managers visibility of their whole site. This in turn will increase efficiency and operator safety while reducing incidents and near misses.

Sunbelt Rentals customers will also be able to access data and insights where they can review usage and productivity.

Site Managers can also use the additional features offered by the roll out to validate and link IPAF PAL cards to an operator’s profile, or assign a unique keypad code that can easily be added to groups of machines, individual assets and/or operators giving the customer true flexibility within their hired fleet.

The investment is part of Sunbelt’s long-term vision to reduce carbon emissions and provide a world-class customer experience.

 “We chose to partner with ZTR because of their expertise and all-around collaborative approach. ZTR have shown a genuine desire to develop and innovate for and in partnership with us, so that we can work together to continue to push boundaries and provide a world class customer experience,” Ledden continues.

Lars Reehorst, ZTR Regional Director, EMEA echoes that sentiment. “For ZTR, partnership isn’t just about the technology, it’s also about working collaboratively to continuously improve safety, sustainability, and service by data insights. For Sunbelt Rentals UK, only the best is good enough – the speed, scale and level of innovation is what makes this program unique and exciting. And it’s ZTR’s speciality – an end-to-end solution from professional installations all the way to integration into Sunbelt’s Command Centre.”

Sunbelt Rentals promises much to come in the way of technology advancements. They are proud to serve their customers and promote operational excellence in pursuit of owning the future of rental.

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