Railway IoT: not as complicated as it seems

The Railway industry is steadily rolling toward open data sharing and transparency, machine learning, data twins and AI to predict issues before the occur, and to Railway IoT to find solutions to industry challenges.

A complete and customized Railway IoT solution lets you integrate your entire fleet with the ability to view data from all sources resulting in meaningful insights that drive action. Connecting these elements creates a clear picture of your railway functionality, instead of focusing solely on the locomotives.

With a full digital solution, railways can:

  • monitor and track entire railroad ecosystems to generate and understand key information about performance, usage, maintenance requirements, capacity issues and other data that impacts budgetary considerations and organizational goals,
  • have an anytime, anywhere, all-inclusive view of the overall operation of all assets, and
  • accurately manage customer expectations, supply chain requirements and reduce environmental impact.

At the Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail conference, conversations and presentations focused on a move toward open platforms, data sharing and transparency, and the use of technology to validate machine learning, predict issues before they occur, and to share information with the supply chain. They key to achieving these goals and experiencing a fully optimized, cost-efficient fleet is an IoT solution that captures the big picture with access to information that's easy understand.

Sound complicated? It isn’t.

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