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Blog: How ZTR technology is helping businesses solve problems faster and easier


More rental companies are putting their data to work to improve efficiencies and make smarter business decisions. They want to save time and money by looking at the bigger picture. ZTR technology is paving the way.

Messer Construction Rental Division Executive Mark Bruner and Equipment Manager Mike Holzinger say they no longer waste time trying to diagnose equipment issues now that they’re using ONE i3 and the ZTR M7. Through their ZTR telematics program, Bruner says they received an error message on an 80-foot boom lift. When a fuel pressure alert popped up, Messer knew something was wrong and so they dispatched a technician to investigate. He went straight to the unit, focused on the fuel pressure issue and discovered excessive sludge and fuel filter build up. Because the technician knew exactly where to look, he was able to correct the problem quickly and avoid costly downtime.

“The machine was functioning properly, so without the ONE i3 alert, we wouldn’t have known otherwise. With ZTR’s M7 solution, we were able to divert several days of downtime by catching the issue before it became critical,” says Holzinger. “A little bit of preventive maintenance goes a long way in preserving machine upkeep and maintaining productivity on a jobsite,” he adds.

The biggest issue according to Bruner is having technicians going into a situation blind. Where do they need to go first and what should they pay attention to?

“Having the direct path illuminated for us, was a great help. We didn’t have to spend time trying to identify the issue or order random parts in an attempt to troubleshoot. We went straight to the source,” Bruner recalls.

It’s clear that with a well-designed telematics program and proactive service, rental companies can shield the rental customer from interrupted rental asset usage. As companies move along their digital journey, they see value in more data points associated with machine performance. Messer Construction is no exception. The company is taking a progressive fleet management approach. They’re watching their telematics program closely and are tracking its success as they develop their maintenance program. There’s a lot more Messer wants to achieve and to stay ahead of the game, Bruner says they’re looking to bring in higher levels of automation with more alert and fault configurations to help solve problems – before they occur.

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