21 February 2021
Stories from the Field: JC Davis Power
By: Steve Jaffe

Solutions Manager, Industrial IoT Solutions, ZTR

From time to time, unique challenges can occur in the field that simply take some ingenuity to overcome. Jeff Davis from JC Davis Power knows this well because he encountered just such a problem recently.

In the oil fields, JC Davis Power supplies a portable rental power solution that’s intended to run without refueling for many days at a time. It has to be able to run longer than a typical unit with an internal fuel tank. Jeff’s custom-made rig includes a generator and an external 500 gallon TransCube fuel tank on a trailer. Without telematics, the fuel level would have to be manually calculated based on the average fuel consumption rates. The estimation would be used to plan the next refueling trip.

With a ZTR M7 telematics solution mounted in the generator enclosure, Jeff needed an innovative solution to monitor the external tank. Normally the generator’s internal fuel tank would be wired to the M7 directly but given the flexibility of the M7 analog inputs,

I recommended that he apply some customizations to solve his problem. Here’s what Jeff did:  

  • He ran the required power and analog input wires to 3-pin weatherproof Deutsch connector plug that he mounted on an access panel on his generator,
  • He purchased the ZTR Rochester sender solution to easily retrofit his fuel tank level sender to read fuel electronically, and
  • He swapped the existing sender on his TransCube with the new one  and created a unique harness interface from the gauge to the generator access panel plug.

After activating his fuel module in ONE i3 which applied the correct scaling, Jeff achieved a successful result:

The remote gauge seems to be working very well! The fuel level curve looks exactly like I'd expect and when it was showing 60% I went and checked the tank and it was close to 5/8 on the dial.” 

Now with tank level monitoring every 15 minutes, it's possible to accurately plan and anticipate refueling logistics with confidence and ease. The customer wins too - knowing the risk of running dry is also reduced.

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