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SmartStart IIe

Save up to $20,000 of fuel per year on one locomotive AESS idle reduction system. The industry leading locomotive automatic engine start/stop system gets locomotive improvement results. Download SmartStart IIe Brochure.

About SmartStart IIe

SmartStart has been helping to reduce locomotive idling for over 20 years, and now provides documentation of fuel and emissions reductions. SmartStart IIe has an ROI of less than 12 months, and it saves North American railroads 1.5 million gallons of fuel every month!


  •  Fuel consumption reduction
  •  Emissions reduction
  •  Reduced lube oil consumption
  •  Consistent fuel management
  •  Automatic shutdown management
  •  Reduced restart exhaust smoke
  •  Locomotive is ready to use
  •  Verification of locomotive fuel savings
  •  On-line documentation
  •  Automatic locomotive start/stop
  •  Meets EPA locomotive emission
  • Fuel Savings Calculator

SmartStart IIe Options

  •  SAVER remote reporting with smartphone app
  •  EPA AESS certificate
  •  Dump valve temperature switch
  •  Battery saver
  •  Trainline diode
  •  Anti-tampering device
  •  Main reservoir pressure switch
  •  SmartStart diagnostic display
  •  Extended fuel saver
  •  Ditch light load shedding


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