Telematics Hardware

A telematics hardware family with many rock solid choices.

Because your program deserves a good fit.

When it comes to connecting your equipment to the Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), one size fits all isn’t likely to cut it. Your equipment is unique, with specific controllers and specific uses that demand a tailored fit with telematics hardware. This is where ZTR hardware capabilities shine, since we’re proven experts in:

  • Telematics devices designed for rugged, industrial use
  • Integration with equipment controllers
  • Working with OEMs on factory installations
  • Wireless carrier and coverage evaluation
  • Custom designed solutions
  • Installation kits, harnesses, and brackets


We have a family of ruggedized hardware devices with many choices in I/O, interconnectivity, wireless communications, and packaging. 

  • M3:  ODB2 for on-road service trucks and automobiles.
  • M4:  Slap and track for equipment location.
  • M5:  Basic monitoring with satellite for remote equipment.
  • M6:  Basic monitoring for anything in cell coverage.
  • M8:  Advanced protocols and wireless for rich and reliable data.
  • M50:  Customizable I/O and networking for high value applications


If you’re thinking about providing your own hardware or getting a SIM card and managing it yourself, consider the on-going resources and processes to maintain:

  • Reliability in rugged environments; testing and certifications (e.g. IP67, SAE J1455)
  • Firmware versions
  • Variations for cellular, satellite, Bluetooth, and other wireless technologies
  • Rapid technology cycles
  • Required changes to the rest of your system due to changes in the above


These are often overlooked during a telematics 'make versus buy' business analysis, and yet they make the difference between success and failure. Those that try to patch the pieces together on their own, often fail to make it work or fail to sustain it over time. Those that partner with an industry leader often get successful end-to-end deployment at a lower cost and measurable benefits within months. In addition, they’ve set the stage for sustainability over time.


We Make Complex Simple.