The ZTR ROVER™ is a portable locomotive remote control system with accurate and advanced slow speed control, real-time feedback, and extra safety features. This system can easily be transferred to other locomotives, leveraging the investment across multiple units. It has industry-leading radio technology with real-time information feedback and a portable, hand-held remote. These features allow significant increases in operational efficiency, resource management and personnel cost savings. With innovative features and advanced optional add-ons, ROVER offers full flexibility that maximizes your investment.

  • Portable and fast installation
  • Compatible and customizable
  • Ergonomically designed remote
  • Real-time information feedback
  • Robust design
  • Accurate control



The ZTR ROVER is compact and designed for easy use and portability. We offer advanced additional options like our axle generator, expandability options for yard systems and positive-stop protection technology, to meet all of your locomotive remote control needs.

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