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Locomotive ELC

Replace old regulator designs with new technology. Download Locomotive ELC Brochure.

About the ELC

Old load regulators in switcher locomotives can be difficult to maintain. Reliability is a constant issue and spare parts are hard to find. The ZTR Locomotive ELC (Electronic Load Controller) solves both problems, while also delivering performance and diagnostic improvements that will make a difference in your operations.


OPTION: Locomotive ELC-PEO (additional charge)

This Performance Enhanced Option includes:

  • Throttle Response
  • Main Generator Voltage & Current Protection
  • Main Generator Short Term Current Regulation
  • Traction Motor Short Term Current Regulation
  • Wheelslip Excitation Control

Key Features

  • Replace old load regulator designs with new technology
  • Improve tractive effort while still using existing wheel slip relays
  • Smooth and stable horsepower targeting
  • Main generator overvoltage and current protection
  • Provides automated sanding control
  • Easy to understand onboard diagnostics with event and data logging
         - no specialized cable or software required
  • Scalable design makes it easy to add functionality

The Flex Platform Advantage

The Locomotive ELC is built on the ZTR Flex Platform. With the Flex Platform, you can start with basic functionality and easily add more later. The platform is designed using trusted industrial technology with millions of hours of testing and run time. The Flex Platform helps keep spare parts inventory low and with easy software configuration, downtime is kept to a minimum. Start with the ELC product, then easily upgrade later to a BOA II.


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