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Fuel Conservation

Fuel costs are among the top operating costs at every railroad. Reducing locomotive fuel consumption is a top priority.

Fuel Conservation Solutions

Fuel Savings Calculator

High energy costs make fuel consumption a concern for all locomotive owner/operators.
The SmartStart automatic locomotive stop start system can help improve your bottom line by reducing parked idle time. Railroads across North America have installed thousands of SmartStart systems to increase locomotive fuel efficiency and save millions of gallons of fuel. At today's fuel prices payback is often less than one year.

With the new SmartStart SAVER™ capability, you will receive SmartStart fleet performance reports, alerts, and the location of your SAVER-equipped locomotives. The performance reports give a fleet view of locomotive fuel savings, emission reductions, and identifies where additional potential savings were lost for future improvement. The SmartStart Detail Report is also available if the user would like more information on any single locomotive.

Save an Average of $20,000 per Year per Locomotive

Improve your bottom line through substantial fuel savings with the SmartStart locomotive AESS idle reduction system.

Knowing the fuel level in your locomotive can make a big difference in your operations. With accurate real-time data you can analyze fuel usage, verify refueling events, and validate interchange fuel levels. All of these lead to better fuel management and improvement ideas that reduce your overall fuel costs. InteLevel takes the guesswork out of fuel measurement and is remote-connectivity ready, so you can tie into a wireless communications system.


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