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Bolt-on Adhesion

Dramatically improves wheel slip control and tractive effort. Download BOA™-II Brochure.

About BOA™ II & BOA™-WS

Retrofit your ageing fleet with the BOA™-II to get the most advanced excitation & superior locomotive wheel slip protection next to a full control system. The BOA™-II improves locomotive tractive effort, operation protection and reliability for better train handling, adhesion and performance. With the BOA™-II wheel slip control system you can extend the life of your fleet and ensure you get the most value from it.


BOA-II Benefits

  •  Improved Tractive Effort
  •  Enhanced Reliability
  •  Intuitive Diagnostic Interface
  •  Flexible Hardware Options
  •  Superior Train Handling & Control
  •  Locomotive Life Extension

The BOA™-WS is a compact controller designed to support a wide range of locomotives and offers a configurable set up depending on the application and locomotive.

For example, if you add BOA™-WS to an EMD Dash 2 WS10 your benefits will include:

  •  Tractive Effort Improvement Using Adaptive Targeting
  •  Intelligent Sanding Control
  •  Short-Term Operation Protection
  •  Diagnostic Interface

BOA Test Results

Test results* prove the BOA™ system.

ZTR-BOA Comparison Charts

*Tests conducted using an EMD GP9 locomotive operating as a single unit. The BOA system was installed in the locomotive, in addition to the existing GP9 system, for test purposes only and each was subjected to identical tests.


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