Simplify Your Locomotive Upgrades

Simplify Your Locomotive Upgrades with NEXSYS III-i

Rebuilding your locomotive? Upgrading its electrical systems? Simplify your locomotive improvement by getting the best value for your investment with the NEXSYS III-i system. This microprocessor-based locomotive control system from ZTR features a reliable, compact design, improved locomotive adhesion, and integrated AESS technology.

Other standard benefits of the NEXSYS III-i system include:

  • Improved dry rail adhesion performance by up to 44%*
  • Improved wet rail adhesion performance by up to 29%*
  • Increased free space in the high voltage cabinet by more than 60%**
  • Proven microprocessor technology to replace old relay logic or modules
  • Improved reliability and elimination of extra modules with integrated voltage regulation including battery charging and current limiting features
  • Integration with SmartStart®, the most trusted AESS on the market
  • Powerful on-board diagnostic display

* Independent testing by TTCI, a wholly owned subsidiary of AAR

**Based on a typical SD40-2 locomotive


Advanced Applications

Beyond the standard applications, ZTR can customize the NEXSYS III-i control to meet the demands of more complicated and advanced applications and additional accessories. Using a trusted locomotive control system from a provider who has proven technologies for these critical applications will improve the reliability and availability of your locomotives.

  • An accessory kit for Mother-Daughter (MD) applications can help extend NEXSYS-level control from the NEXSYS-equipped mother unit to the daughter unit, offering improved adhesion, increased battery reliability, advanced diagnostics and simple assembly.
  • Applying NEXSYS for Rotary Snow Plows (RSP) can result in tractive effort improvements that significantly increase the plowing speed, resulting in increased reliability, improved plowing effort and advanced operational efficiency.
  • NEXSYS and a custom accessory kit for Maintenance of Way (MOW) trains provides control, diagnostics and connectivity throughout your train to deliver end-to-end control, integration with on-board systems (including RCL), advanced operator display and ZTR Railway IoT remote monitoring and diagnostics.


NEXSYS High Horsepower System (HHP)

For Dash-8/9 locomotives, ZTR offers NEXSYS HHP – a modern control system that is efficient to install, improves reliability, and brings your fleet into the Railway Internet of Things (IoT). This system is designed for optimum retrofit effectiveness.

Improving locomotive performance, reliability, information management and overall efficiency is the centre of the NEXSYS control system. At ZTR, this means:

  • improving performance through faster troubleshooting and reduced downtime using digital displays, better alerts, and core functions,
  • creating an enhanced user experience for operators, maintenance, and engineers,
  • providing exclusive-to-ZTR technologies and services,
  • generating an accessible inventory of parts for the future of the locomotive, and,
  • connecting the locomotive to the Railway IoT with advanced diagnostics, telematics and connectivity.

The NEXSYS III-i systems and applications deliver expertise in control systems for your locomotives, using proven reliability, reliable parts and service, improved user experiences and the 24/7 customer service that set ZTR apart.

 Find out more about these systems and their benefits for your locomotives and your fleet reliability.